Since the end of lockdown within Schengen Area, TecSA’s staff has restarted the technical assistance on its machineries installed in European market.
In the worst phase of Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, thanks to TecSA’s software our technical experts could rapidly and efficiently intervene remotely on our testing stands installed worldwide.

TecSA’s industrial policy is based on the widest autonomy for our Customers to manage our brake testing rigs through:

  • Easy-to-use software, to describe new testing procedure, to analyze raw data and to draft testing reports without any external intervention by TecSA and without any hidden cost for the Customers;
  • Training course to the user of the brake testing machinery;
  • Mechanical and electronical components freely available on the market. The Customers can therefore autonomously purchase the spare parts by their trusted suppliers without any intermediation.

Our Customers can therefore use TecSA’s brake dynamometers and brake testing stands during the social distancing due to Covid-19.

Since June 2020, the lockdown in Schengen Area has been being softened. TecSA’s personnel can therefore directly provide technical assistance on its products.

In Europe TecSA is leader in the sector of brake testing in Spain and Italy and is strategic partner for the main OEM and AM companies in automotive, racing, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and railways sector in Germany, France, UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Czechia and Ukraine.

Technical Assistance on TecSA’s Machines in Europe (Schengen Area)