Information regarding the processing of personal data

In this section are expose the modality for the website processing regarding the user’s personal data that use the site. It is a privacy disclaimer that is also given tot he hearing of art. 13 and 14 of Regulation (UE) 2016/679 to the users that interact with the web services of the company TecSA S.r.l. (herewith “company”), accessible by telematic means starting from the address:

This document takes also into account of the Raccomandazione n. 2/2012 that the European authority of the data protection has adopt to identify the minimum requirements for the collection of online personal data.

The disclaimer it is surrender only for the website and not for any other website that can be consulted from the user through link.

The user data – after registration, visit and navigation on the website and activation of the services offered on the website, are collected on electronic database owned by TecSA S.r.l., with account in street Botteghe 30, 10060 Scalenghe (TO).

The user’s personal data can by used by the company, who is the owner for the treatment, according to the principles of protection of user’s data established by the Regulation GDPR 2016/679.

The owner of data treatment is TecSA S.r.l., VAT 06805060016, with account in street Botteghe 30, 10060 Scalenghe (TO).

Art 1 – Provision of data

The personal data required are divided in two categories: mandatory and optional.

Art. 1.1 – Mandatory data:

 Surname, Name, Telephone, City of residence, Email, Password, Interests and provenance, Data of Company/Association.

The collection of the data is mandatory and strictly connected to the execution of the services required from the user.

Art. 1.2 – Optional data:

 Profession, Fax, Mobile phone, VAT Number, Fiscal Code.

The optional data could be provided by the user and are used from the company in order to offer a better service.

Art. 1.3 – Others categories of processed data

 The website use log files where are preserved information collected in authorized manner during users visits. The collected information are:

  • Internet protocol address (IP);
  • Browser type and device parameters used to connect to the website;
  • Name of internet service provider (ISP);
  • Date and time of visit;
  • Web page of the visitor’s origin and exit.

Art. 2 – Legal basis of the processing

 The company TecSA S.r.l. treats users’ optional data based on consent. With the use or the consultation of the present website, visitors’ and users explicitly approve this privacy policy and agree with the use of their personal data in relation at the modality and the purpose below described.

Art. 3 – Purpose of treatment

The personal data, directly provide from the user and/or collected between filling the form (available on the company website) or paper modules (order module, events and fairs registration cards, ect.), are treated for:

  1. Purpose of providing the services requested by the Customer of available on the portals managed by third-party companies (for the activity of the corporate purpose of TecSA S.r.l.) as well as the conclusion of the contract of which the interested is part;
  2. Administrative and accounting purposes, related at the contract’s service;

Refusal to allow data processing will make it impossible to use the service offered by TecSA S.r.l. and requested by the user.

  1. Sending technical and commercial information by newsletter.

Art. 4 – Communication, dissemination and transfer

Data can be communicated and/or disseminated at partner company, at our selling network.

Data related to the contract ant activity of the service could be communicated at commercial/technical consultants or administration, accounting and legal purpose for the possible management of disputes.
Data are not disseminated, except for the data of companies and companies for commercial reference purposes and legitimate request by the judicial authority and only in the cases provided for by law.

Art. 5 – Place of treatment

Collected data are processed at the operative premise of the Data Controller and at the web Hosting datacenter. The web hosting, that is responsible of data processing, processing the data on behalf of the owner, is place in the European Economic Space and acts in accordance with European standards.

Art. 6 – Storage period

 Mandatory data with the contract and accounting purpose are stored for the necessary time for the performance of the commercial and accounting relation.

Art. 7 – Rights of interested parties

 According to the European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and the national legislation, the person concerned could, according to the procedures and within the limits established by current legislation, revise the following rights:

  • Require the confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning him (access rights);
  • Know their origin;
  • Receive intelligible communication;
  • Have information regarding the logical, the modality and purpose of the processing;
  • Require the update, the adjustment, the integration, the cancellation, the transformations in anonymous form, the block of the data processed in violation of the law, including the data that are no longer needed to the continuation of the purpose for which they were collected;
  • In case of data based on consent, receive our data given to the data controller, in structured form, readable from a data elaborator in a common used format from an electronic device;
  • The right to present a complaint to the control authority.

Modifying consent to data processing, some service could no longer be used from the user.

Cookies’ information

What are cookies

Cookie is a text file saved on user device at the moment that the user access to the website with the purpose to give information every time that the user came back on the same website. It is like a reminder of the visited internet page. With the cookie, the web server sent information to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozzilla Firefox, Google Chrome, ect.) storage on the user’s device, and the will be re-read ad update every time the user will come back on the website. In this way the website can adapt automatically to the user. During the navigation, the user could be receiving in their devise also cookies from other website (“third parties” cookies), set directly by the manager of these website and used for purposes and methods that it defines.

Based on their duration, cookies are divide in session cookies (the ones that are temporary ad automatically deleted from the device at the and of session by closing the browser) and persistent cookies (the ones that remain stored on the device until their expiration or cancellation by the user).

Based on their function and their purpose of use, cookies can be divided in technical cookies and profiling cookies.

Technical Cookies

Some cookies are used to execute informatic authentications, session monitoring and storage specific information of the users that access at a web page. These cookies, called technical, are often used to allow to browse in to a web site and to use all the features. The technical cookies are those whose use not require user consent.

At this category belong also the analytics cookies. That are cookies that collect information about the use that the user makes of a website and that allow to improve its functioning. For examples the analytics cookies show what are most frequently visited pages, allowing to verify what are the recurring patterns use of the website and help to understand every difficulty that user encounter during using it.

Profiling cookies

Other cookies can be used to monitor and profile the users during browsing, studying their movement and web consultation habits or consummation habits (what their buy, what their read, ect.), also with the purpose to send advertisement of specific and personalized service. In this case we are talking about profanation cookies. The use of these cookies needs the prevent acquisition of the free informed content of the user, according to the art. 7 of UE Regulation 679/2016.

Third parties’ cookies

It can happen that a web page contains third parties’ cookies in various elements hosted on the same page, for example commercial banner, image, video, maps or specific link at we page of others domain that reside on different server then the one on which the requested page is located. In other words, these cookies are set directly from the web site or server manager different from the web site one. In this case, we are talking about third parties’ cookies, that are usually use for the purpose of profiling. The use of this cookies needs the prevent acquisition of the free informed content of the user.

Cookies typology use from our website

The main functions of the cookies installed on the web site are technicians, they are used to improve constantly the service, for the authentication, for statistical purposes, like the count of visits at The use of the cookies is strictly finalized to facilitate the functions of the server of during the browsing of the Service.

The website allows also the sending of the following third parties cookies. These cookies are not our tool, for more information, it is possible to view the information and the acquisition module of the third parties consent, through the following links.

Cookies management

The user can manage their own cookies’ preference trough the tools of the common browser that allow to delete/remove the cookies (all or only someone) or to change the setting of the same browser in the way to block the cookies sending or to limit to specify website.

therefore, it is possible deny the use of cookies, following the disable procedure provided from your own browser. Below are reported the modality proposed from the principal browser: Microsoft Windows ExplorerMozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeApple Safari, Google Analytics downloading a specific browser plug-in.

For more information about the cookies storage on own device e deactivate thame, please refer at the link:

The website is also equipped with a banner that require, at every accesso, the authorization and the informed consent for the use of the predicted cookies.

Social Network Plugin

The website incorporates also plugins and/or buttons for social networks, with the purpose to allow an easy content sharing on your favourite social networks. These plugins are schedule to not set any cookies at the entry of the page, in order to safeguard the users’ privacy. Eventually, the cookies are set, if it is expected form the social network, only when the user use the plugin. Keep in mind that if the user is browsing being logged in the social network, then it has allowed to the use of the cookies conveyed through this site at the moment of the social network subscription.

The collection and the use of the information obtained by the plugin are regulated from the respective privacy information of the social network, to which please refer.


This privacy policy is update at 23/04/2019 and may be subject to change over time.