Research and Innovation

Advanced solutions and technology

TecSA operates as a strategic partner for the development of new braking components and assists the main market players in the analysis and research of new solutions.
Always attentive to market demands and thanks to constant collaboration with its customers, TecSA responds in real time to innovations in the field of brakes.
TecSA has developed testing procedures to meet international standards (including approvals) and individual research needs, through an extremely flexible and customizable software.

The capabilities of our machines include:

Implementation of profiles (from telemetry - LAP racing) and WLTP

LAP racing and WLTP

KERS applications

KERS applications

Dust survey and analysis

Dust survey and analysis

EPB system (electric park brake)

EPB system electric park brake

Sprinkling on brake: water, salt water, snow

Sprinkling on brake

Regenerative brakes (electric and hybrid vehicles)

Regenerative brakes