Our assistance, wherever in the world

In addition to the contractual warranty, TecSA and its assistance centers offer the following services for all our machineries, wherever in the world:


Periodical inspection of our benches for:

  • ordinary maintenance
  • bearings and mechanical components lubrification
  • calibrations


Extraordinary maintenance is provided in three steps:

  1. Diagnosis of the problem and hotline/email assistance
  2. Remote control assistance
  3. On-site intervention, through the technicians of our assistance services subdivided in geographical areas


All the spare parts are freely available on the market, to allow our Customers to reduce times and costs, by autonomously selected their own supplier and reducing/removing transport cots and customs clearance.

Our assistance centers, subdivided for geographical areas, have warehouses already provided with spare parts that, commonly, need periodical substitution:

  • electronical components: PCs, control and acquisition systems, conditioning modules, transducers (pressure), etc.
  • electromechanical components: fuses, drives, relès, contactors, thermals, etc.
  • items for periodical maintenance interventions

For remote assistance, please download Teamviewer