Technical Advice on Using the Machines

TecSA is at your disposal to assist you in using our dynos.

Thanks to our Training courses and user guides/manuals, our Customers are totally autonomous in using our machineries:

mounting of different brake systems

beginning and management of the tests

safety conditions of the workers

cleaning and ordinary maintenance of the machine

using of TecSA Software Package

description of new testing procedures

analysis of results

drafting of final reports

comparison of results

Our personnel is at your disposal for:

continuous update of the training course for the user of the dyno

description of new tests according to international regulations (e.g. ECE-R90, SAE J, AMS, ISO, JASO, Eurospec, etc.) and to the technical specifications provided by vehicle manufacturers and brake systems OEMs

development of new test procedures in cooperation with the Customer

analysis of results (included tests performed on non-TecSA equipment)

drafting of final reports based on row data (included tests performed on non-TecSA equipment)

comparison of results (included tests performed on non-TecSA equipment)