Brake Testing for Third Parties

TecSA R&D – Tests on Brake Systems for Our Customers

Each international body (e.g. ECE, SAE, JASO, etc.) defines the standards to perform the different tests and even much more are required by each car manufacturer.

From the experience of TecSA, TecSA R&D has been established, specialized laboratory to perform tests on brake components (discs, pads, calipers and drum brakes) for our Customers.

Our personnel will advise you towards the test typologies that better fit to your needs, e.g.:

homologation tests in partnership with the most important certification agencies (e.g. ECE-R90, R13, etc.)

quality control tests (e.g. tests at constant speed 660 rpm)

performance tests (e.g. AK Master, ISO26867, SAE-J 2522, JASO C406, UIC 541, AMS, etc.)

NVH (e.g. SAE-J 2521, etc.)

climatization system

dust analysis

electric hand brake (park brake)/electric brake

regenerative brake application

The possibility to customize the tests is particularly appreciated by R&D departments of our Customers.