The sector of dynamometer benches and brake testing machineries is continuously improving, to meet the technological evolution and the market requests.
TecSA know-how allows a complete revamping activity on every equipment of our Customers, including the machineries not-manufactured or designed by TecSA.

Our revamping services include:

management of the moving of the dynos between different premises

assistance in the definition of the layout of the new premises and in the organization of the accessory works (equipment for airflow and recirculation, electrical supply, water piping, etc.)

automation of the machineries and installation of TecSA software

substitution of electrical cabin

reparation of damaged components

installation of new options

Our revamping service is provided in the following steps:

inspection of the existing equipment and evaluation of the available documentation

analysis of the request of the Customer and of the possibilities to update the existing equipment according to the most recent technological developments

draft of the working plan, clearly stating the eventual outsourcing competencies and setting definite milestones and deadlines