A new important step in the consolidation and development of its presence in the Chinese market has been made by TecSA.
A brand new car dyno (Model TC185) is going to be installed in the province of Jiangsu for an important customer involved in the braking industry.

With the help of our technology and our advanced solutions, the quality and the R&D department will be able to increase the capability of their laboratory improving the performances of the test and giving the possibility to create and investigate new technical aspects of the brake system.

The Car dyno will be installed by our technical service center located in China which will support the customer from the installation of the bench to the training (for both operators and supervisors) for the correct use of the machinery.
Our service center will also support the customer in subsequent ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Since 1994, TecSA has been manufacturing brake inertia dynamometers and test machines for the brake industry.
TecSa has multiple new product developments that were engineered in Italy and introduced to the brake market.

All the employees at the TecSA facility in Vigone, Italy, are grateful and proud for this important milestone.

TecSA’s first TC185 car dyno test machine will be installed in China