TecSA continues to grow in Asia markets!

There is no doubt that China is of one of the countries with the greatest international weight and the greatest business potential with foreign companies.

TecSA has strengthened its commitment to the Chinese market with the opening of a new service center in Xiangyang, Hubei.

With the new “installation and maintenance service” center TecSA expands its presence in the Chinese market. The service center will be part of TecSA’s global network and will provide support to its growing base of Chinese OEM customers and partners.

Achieving this important result demands a robust organisational structure and a qualified talent team.
Enhancing the customers’ service is a key priority for the Chinese subsidiary.

The brand-new customer support center in the Hubei province confirms the company’s commitment to provide customers with a local and personalized service.

Our technical experts can serve automotive industry (motorbike, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, railways) and spare parts manufacturers (OEMs and AM-Aftermarket), especially brake producers (brake pads, brake disks, brake calipers, brake shoes, brake drums), and brake testing laboratories, Universities and brake components homologation centers.

On site assistance on brake testing machineries is remotely coordinated by TecSA’s specialized staff

New technical service center in China for brake testers