Revamping an old machine means updating its technological heart with modern day and advanced solutions, so that that particular piece of equipment will feature the same external frame and mechanical parts, but it will also gain new efficiency and quality.

With the use of revamping old machines have the opportunity to become new working machines again. Through a significant type of modification with the use of technology, TecSA’s engineers can bring old machines back to life.

Machines that could be more than 20 or even 30 years old are now being reused once again.

Revamping a machine to adapt it to current needs could increases safety by using more advanced technological solutions than came with the original machine, while reducing operating costs.

TecSA was contacted by one of its Spanish customers who owned an old Krauss Test machine with the aim of modernizing it and making it perform again with the current market needs.

TecSA aim is to keep all the functional parts of the test machine adding the necessary components to improve the machine performance. The key to this technique is modernising existing machinery, updating it to reduce costs, while at the same time conserving and improving most of its functional parts.

A complete overhaul of the machinery was carried out and the new TecSA automation system was installed.

With a revamping is also possible to gain different advantages, such as:

  • Increased test analysis and better performances
  • Better safety for the personnel who’s going to use the machine
  • Better quality in the execution of the tests and truthfulness of the data that are generated.
  • Improve the quality of the data to obtain customized reports to deepen all the investigations needed.
  • A reduction in R&D costs


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Revamping Krauss Test