TecSA is sponsoring 2019 China Brake Annual Conference in JiNan (China) on Sept. 4th-5th, as part of the overall TecSA strategy to consolidate its presence in Eastern Asian markets.

On Sept. 5th TecSA staff will deliver a speech about the new developments of Friction Quality Test machines.

Through the new technological improvements, vector speed AC motors meet the target to perform quality control (COP – Conformity of Production) tests both at constant speed and at variable speed.

Customers will be able to solve the issue on how to run COP tests on brake pads, such as:

  • drag test at 660 rpm (ECE-R90 Annex 9, GB/T 34007-2017, GB5763-2018);
  • AK Master (SAE J2522, ISO 26867).

The two TecSA models, FQT 1200 and FQT 2000, enable our Customer to autonomously run, with a single machine:

  • COP tests (drag test and AK Master);
  • Dynamic tests (performance tests);
  • Burnish stops.

This solution, particularly useful for brake manufacturers (OEMs and AM) of motorbikes and small/mid-sized cars, is cheaper and more efficient than the traditional friction quality testers.
Additionally, their modular layout reduces installation time and cost and can be easily located in Customer’s laboratory.


2019 China Brake Annual Conference in JiNan (China)