Our technicians are in the UK for important meetings with some of the main market players in the brake sector.
The meetings have taken place in the offices of Brake components Manufacturers and Universities.

The discussion topics of the meetings have focus on our high-performance car bench (TC225) which allows you to carry out all the tests required by the market as well as develop new customized tests for electric vehicles.

Another important topic that was covered concerns our revamping solution on an existing bench of a new customer.
The overhaul of existing cabinets is a service that TecSA offers to all customers: we believe that existing test machines, if well overhauled, can return to being effectively productive even if with reduced potential compared to the new ones.

Thanks to our Software and our Control System, even the oldest dynamometer benches can get a second life that allows the customer to be able to count on a modern bench that can achieve optimal performance and new capabilities.

TecSA Team in UK!