We are pleased to announce that we are featured on the pages of the prestigious and innovative magazine of the Federation of European Manufacturers of Friction Materials (VRI-Verband der Reibbelagindustrie eV).

TecSA has signed a three-year agreement to increase its presence and visibility in the German market.

The collaboration of the German manufacturers of friction materials began as early as 1947 as an autonomous group (Reibbelagausschuss RBA) but it was in 1982 that its own association was founded, also adhering to the FEMFM (Federation of European Manufacturers of Friction Materials).

The VRI-Verband der Reibbelagindustrie eV (FEMFM-Federation of European Manufacturers of Friction Materials) magazine is aimed at all operators in the manufacturing industry of friction materials; to research laboratories and organizations; to producers of raw materials; to formulators and researchers of new friction materials; to manufacturers of brake system components, associations and industrial bodies specialized in braking; to research and consultancy companies and to environmental support agencies.

The new magazine of the VRI-Verband der Reibbelagindustrie e.V. (FEMFM-Federation of European Manufacturers of Friction Materials) it is distributed in paper form and also in digital form which will amplify its interactive potential.