Dyno Monitor program is part of TecSA software package, that is installed on brake dynamometers and brake testing rigs, including retrofits for products not-manufactured by TecSA.
Dyno Monitor application interfaces with the PCs of the equipment and receives information about the running tests. In the eventuality of a test error, Dyno Monitor software generates an alert via email and sends it to pre-determined addresses.

Dyno Monitor program allows the following remote-control operations:

  • monitoring the status of running tests;
  • re-start tests in the eventuality of error alert;
  • running several consecutive tests.

TecSA software is available from any browser connected to the network which Dyno Monitor runs on. Interface can be eventually customized: additional data, layout, notifications.

TecSA automation allows to test brake systems without the presence of an operator, including by nights and during the weekends, increasing the efficiency of any testing laboratory. Our Customers, especially quality control and R&D departments, can therefore perform long-term tests, such as Mojacar test (64-70 hours) and Los Angeles City Traffic – LACT test (90 hours), that simulate on dynamometer a huge number of stops.

Dyno Monitor program - software TecSA