TecSA is proud to announce our participation, as a gold sponsor, in the “AsiaBrake 2021 DIGITAL CONFERENCE” that will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 4th, 11th and 18th March 2021. It is possible to attend the meetings online on www.asiabrake.org

The congress will focus on innovative technologies and solutions for safety brake systems.

We are extremely pleased and excited to be part of such a worthwhile event.
This sponsorship is part of TecSA strategy of promoting company’s expertise and know-how in the Automotive industry in general and more specifically in the brake testing area.

During the event, TecSA will share our wide expertise in the providing complex test systems for brake components for Bikes, Moto, Cars (even Racing and sportcars), Trucks, Railway and High Speed Railway.

TecSA as a Gold Sponsor in the "AsiaBrake 2021" Digital Conference