EPB Trolley is an innovative control system and it is fundamental to test the electric parking brake.
It is composed by a power supply unit (to manage the electricity to the brake system) and a real time control system.

EPB Trolley has small dimensions. Through its rollers, EPB Trolley can be easily moved within the laboratory of brake systems testing. It can be easily connected to every brake test dynamometer bench, included the dynos not manufactured by TecSA.

The software is highly user-friendly. The testing procedures of the electric park brake can be easily added to the common testing procedures (ECE-R90, SAE J, JASO, AK Master and much more).

EPB Trolley can simulate vehicle ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that controls the electric parking brake. The user of EPB Trolley can easily customize different management modalities of the phases of apply and release of the electric park brake.

EPB Trolley simulates specific features of the ECUs – Electronic Control Units, such as timing re-apply and sliding re-apply.

EPB Trolley: control system to test the electric parking brake - TecSA