This October we will participate in the China Brake 2022 annual conference, held by the China Automotive Industrial Association Brake Branch and Brake Commission in Hangzhou. This is the most important Chinese annual event in the brake industry with a long history, large scale and strong technical influence.

The conference will take place on 25th and 26th October 2022.

This summit will be divided into four main sub-forums: passenger cars, commercial vehicles, brake linings and brake raw materials, and will in-depth discuss future braking system intelligence, key components, lightweight materials, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, etc. and other hot technical topics, promote industry exchanges and promote the development of automotive brake system technology.

Our Dr. Andrea Geuna Ph.D. will give a speech with a short presentation of the TecSA company and its test machine solutions for the brake industry. The speech will talk about all the possibilities that TecSA can offer to the market with the most innovative technologies involved for research and development, homologation and quality testing machines.
In particular the main theme of our presentation will concern new developments of the brake testing machines, with a specific focus on our TC225 (Brake Inertia Dyno) developed for testing: high performance cars, racing sector (included F1) and to cover the full range of electric vehicles.

China Brake Annual Conference 2022