Cooperation between TecSA and CBF Italy – S.K. Wellman

Customer-oriented flexibility is one of main TecSA’s added values. In order to compete in global market, motorbike and automotive industry, companies in commercial vehicle and railway sector, auto parts manufacturers and brake system producers (both OEM and AM-Aftermarket) must implement the added value of technological evolution and must develop testing procedures and test typologies on brake systems more and more innovative.

TecSA is the strategic partner for technological development of brake disks, brake pad, brake calipers, brake shoes and brake drums. Our specialized staff and technical experts continuously interact with R&D departments of our Customers and with Universities and research institutes to offer new and innovative solutions.
Through the cooperation with CBF Italy – S.K. Wellman, one of main international players in brake and friction material sector, TecSA has developed a dynamometer to test brakes and clutches in oil bath for tractors, agricultural equipment and earth-moving machineries.

The dynamometer for in oil bath tests has the following innovations:

  • Oil thermostat;
  • Thermostat oil flow regulation according to the different functioning steps;
  • Implementation of the functions of complete connection, multiple complete connection, limited slip and drag.
How to customize brake dynamometers and brake testing stands - TecSA